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Amy & Chris Wolford | Carahills II | March 26, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Amy & Chris Wolford - Memphis, TN

Amy and Chris enjoyed their wedding day's festivities at Carahills II in Arlington on March 26th. The day was highly anticipated by Amy & Chris, and careful planning was the secret sauce. Amy was always on top of things from day one!

Jared Stanfield was the DJ that was chosen for their big day, and he had some thoughts to share of his own:

“From the very beginning, it was clear how special Chris and Amy’s big day was, not only to them, but to everyone else involved, back-lit by sunlight on a warm spring day. The ceremony was filled with music from a romantic string trio when they sealed their vows. Following the ceremony, the reception included unique introductions for each individual member of their bridal party and an anniversary dance to honor all of the longstanding married couples in attendance. Chris and Amy created an inclusive and inviting atmosphere that made the reception a special event to be a part of. As they left in a flurry of sparklers, surrounded and supported by an amazing group of friends and family, Chris and Amy’s love is sure to stand the test of time.”

Stefanie Rawlinson was their photographer (who also has a connection with DeepBlu Entertainment because Jimmy was her wedding DJ several years ago), Kasey Acuff beautified Amy and her bridesmaids with her creative make up skills and Ms. Cindy Krag made sure that everyone ate well and in style! Of course we cannot forget about Caroline and her staff at Carahills II for making sure that all of their details were handled elegantly.

So Amy and Chris, we really appreciate you both making us a part of your wedding day! Thank you for putting so much trust in us to make sure that your wedding day would be as great as you've imagined!

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