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Stephen & Gabby Nelson | Balinese Ballroom | April 2, 2016

Jared Stanfield with Gabby & Stephen Nelson - Downtown Memphis, TN

Stephen had a very pragmatic approach to his wedding day. When he first contacted us, he got right down to business and everything was secured. All of this was possible because of the kind words and referral from our friends Jenn and Ben from Snap Happy Photography, who also took care of Stephen and Gabby's wedding day photography.

This day was full of activity and their choice of venue really facilitates a lot of activity with the way that it is laid out. The Balinese Ballroom, with its upstairs and downstairs rooms, just makes you want to move. Plus, with the way that Jared Stanfield works his crowd, he does what he can to make sure all feet are in motion!

Jared shared his thoughts about their wedding day soon after:

“Set in the vibrant heart of Downtown Memphis, Stephen and Gabby’s reception was enjoyable as it was picturesque. Many guests traveled from all over the country to celebrate the marriage of the Nelsons, which created a family atmosphere that was felt by all in attendance. The toasts spoke to the amazing people that Stephen and Gabby are, as well as what they meant to their family and friends. The guests were full of energy and joy that kept the dance floor packed all night long, led by none other than the bride and groom themselves. As they were sent off into the night after hours of fellowship and dancing, the cheering and encouragement of their family and friends is sure to be remembered for a long time to come.”

Jared was joined by our friends from Hot Shots Photo Booth, Studio LaRue made sure that Gabby's make up was on point, Harriet's Creations provided their delicious (and picturesque) cake, and Kacie Cooper created floral arrangements that were just as beautiful as they could have imagined!

Thanks, Stephen & Gabby, for allowing Jared to make your wedding day extra memorable! We hope you had as much fun as he did!

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