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Samantha & Tyler Boykin | Balinese Ballroom | April 8, 2016

Jimmy with Samantha & Tyler Boykin - Memphis, TN

I first met with Samantha with her wedding planner, Kelsey Migliore with Kelsey Morgan Event Styling, and they both were very adamant about making sure that everything would be flawless and fun for this special day! Since Samantha was wise enough to employ a wedding planner, I knew it would be a great night! Held at the Balinese Ballroom downtown, both levels were decked out lavishly!

Kelsey was amazing to plan with – always on top of every communication and made sure that things were clearly mapped out and planned according to Samantha's wishes. Of course, she did a splendid job because their wedding was elegant, fun and designed quite nicely.

Their ceremony was very touching. Tyler did everything he could to keep his emotions in check, but while reading his vows he was overcome with so much joy he had to take a second to regroup. But you know, that's what this day was supposed to be all about – the love that he and Samantha shared for all the world to see, and it WAS very touching to say the least.

Aside from Kelsey, our great vendor team consisted of:

Thanks a bunch to Samantha and Tyler for letting me be a part of their wedding day! It was a ton of fun!

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