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Lauren & Jacob Norman | Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast, Medina, TN | April 16, 2016

Ryan Clay with Lauren & Jacob Newman

On April 16th, Lauren and Jacob celebrated their wedding day at Peaceful Oaks Bed & Breakfast in Medina, TN, and venue that embodies all of the charm and rustic nature that the South has to offer. During their planning process, Lauren's communication with us was very minimal, and that is because she is extremely pragmatic and organized. These are two aspects of her personality that served her very well in the days leading up to her wedding. And according to her DJ, Ryan Clay, it was one of the best weddings he has done in his entire career with DeepBlu!

Their ceremony was held out in the lush lawn of Peaceful Oaks, and it was made extra special by her friends playing in a string ensemble with violins and a harp. Ryan said that the music was beautiful and it made the scenic beauty of the ceremony spot that much more wonderful.

Their guests really gave it all they had when the reception came around. Their dance floor was busy just about all night, and Lauren and Jacob's musical style was performed with the professionalism and flair that only Ryan brings to his events.

Our team of wedding professionals was top-notch, too! Other vendors that shared the stage with us were:

Jon Sharman – Photography

Shelby Wilson with 22 Magnolias – Videography

Kasey Acuff – Make-Up

Eric's Rentals – Event Rentals

Beth Marczynski - Catering

Keisha Barker, family friend – Flowers

Lisa Bay, family friend – Cake

Lisa Siano, family friend – Planner/Coordinator

Stephanie Galella, family friend – Photo Booth

We thank Lauren and Jacob for allowing Ryan to make sure that everyone at their wedding had as much fun as they possibly could! We will remember this day for a long time, and we hope that you and your friends & families will, too!

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