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Katie & Joe Hernandez | Spring Creek Ranch | April 23, 2016

Jimmy with Dr. Joe and Katie Hernandez - Spring Creek Ranch

You know, you are never really sure how a wedding will go until you actually get there, but you can have a pretty good idea of how everything will go if yo consider where you will be, who you are working with and what types of people your clients are. With Katie and Joe, it was very easy to predict how it was going to turn out - fun, easy and over the top exciting!

These two have a very special relationship. There is a closeness between them that simply radiates joy. They spent ALL of their time on their wedding day smiling and laughing - of course that was in between dancing, eating and sharing moments with their families and friends. And who could blame them? When you are at Spring Creek, you have incredible food to enjoy, a spacious indoor/outdoor reception area and scenery to die for.

An all-star cast of characters rounded out this amazing wedding day with our beloved Toni Williams of Spring Creek, Javen Photography, Lauren Kelly with Something Blue Events, dress by Maggie Louise, Scot Robinson with Pavo Salon, Kasey Acuff with the ladies' makeup, cake by Lee Sanders, Nicole with 314 Productions on video, Lori Brown with Hotshots Photobooth and bridesmaids' dresses by Bella Bridesmaid. It was literally and ARMY of fun people!

The night ended with Katie and Joe wearing huge smiles, and that made me realize that everything turned out just great! Thanks to you both for letting me rock you around for a few hours haha. Best wishes to ya!

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