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Jennifer & Joshua Murphy | The Esplanade Memphis | May 28, 2016

Jeff with Jennifer & Joshua Murphy - Esplanade Memphis

Jennifer's main concern was making sure that everyone at her wedding was going to have a great time, young and old, and that's why she said she contacted us. She said that our reputation spoke for itself, so it was worth taking a chance on us. We are so happy that she did!

They held their exquisite wedding at the Esplanade in Cordova, TN, due to its large layout and multi-functional spaces. Her DJ, Jeff Cowens, told me that he really enjoyed this event because of all of the great music that she and her husband had chosen for their must plays. He also said that everyone was responding well to the amazing playlist of favorites from the 80s and 90s that he put together for them. Of course, those decades are very hot right now, but this crowd was exceptionally responsive to them. Not only was the pre-recorded music a hit, they also had a family member singing during their ceremony. This is always a nice touch with any wedding, and Jennifer and Joshua's wedding was no exception.

Thanks to Jennifer and Joshua for letting Jeff be a part of their wedding day, and everyone at DeepBlu Entertainment thanks you both for the opportunity to help make your wedding day extra magical!

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