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Jessica & Joey Moore | The Quonset | June 11, 2016

Ryan Clay with Jessica & Joey Moore - The Quonset, Collierville, TN

Jessica and Joey are two great folks that planned a perfect wedding day for themselves in spite of their hectic schedules during the planning process. Joey was finishing school while trying to maintain a stable household AND plan a wedding, and Jessica was right there with him doing a great job to help keep it all together. All in all, they did a fantastic job, and it is evident that their married life is going to be just as solid and fun-filled since they work so well together.

They chose the Quonset as the scene for their reception, and it was a great choice! Ryan Clay was their DJ, and he said that their reception was a great time for him as well as their guests. Ryan wouldn't want it any other way :)

Thanks again to Jessica and Joey for making us a part of their wedding day, and we hope their lives are filled with all of the riches and happiness only true love can bring!

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