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Garyn & Carl Harken | Cedar Hall | June 25, 2016

Ryan Clay with Garyn & Carl Harken - Cedar Hall

Garyn is one special girl! From the very start, she really impressed me with her complete dedication to her wedding planning efforts, and there never was a time when I couldn't reach her about something. Even when she was at her busiest, she always came through. We all know that planning for a wedding is time consuming and stressful, but Garyn took all of it in stride like a real champ!

Garyn and Carl chose Cedar Hall as their wedding day location, and it was a really great choice! The backdrop is that infamously elegant country styling, with the mansion in the foreground and stables in the back. They enjoyed their ceremony in the garden with the DeepBlu String Trio providing all of their ceremony music, which helped elevate the elegance of the day. Garyn and Carl also gave us the honor of filming their big day!

Their reception followed in the stables, and their guests enjoyed the fine cuisine laid out by the fabulous Cedar Hall chefs and staff. Of course, none of this would have happened so flawlessly without the ever-sweet and always easy to work with Carol Johnson, Cedar Hall's outstanding wedding coordinator. Rounding out our tremendous team of wedding pros was Kasey Acuff on makeup, Phillip Van Zandt on photography, L&J Florist and Shannon Taylor, cake artist.

DeepBlu Dj, Ryan Clay, made sure that their dance floor was packed wall-to-wall during the dance portion of the evening, and Ryan himself said that this was hands down one of the best weddings he has performed since he has been with DeepBlu. With a report like that, Garyn and Carl definitely got their new life started off with a bang!

Thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Carl Harken for letting us be a part of their big day's celebration, and we look forward to hearing about the great things that happen in your lives in the years to come!

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