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Kaylee & Taylor Oaks | The Tower Center | June 24, 2016

Jimmy with Kaylee & Taylor Oaks - Memphis, TN

Kaylee and Taylor had a sweet wedding day, which was made extra special by the fact that their wedding took place more than 300 feet above the city of Memphis. The amazing views and suprb staff of the Tower Center was their venue, and it was an excellent choice!

Their ceremony happened in the Starlight Room of Clark Tower, where the entire space was filled, wall-to-wall, with guests from all over. It was a touching ceremony, and it was just the beginning of a great night of fun!

Along the ride with Jimmy Harris as their DJ, Kelly and John Ginn handled the photography, Wade & Co. made sure that everyone ate well and in style, Holly & Ivy provided the beautiful flowers, The Mad Baker provided their cake (with Kaylee's sister, Madison, in charge of this high-profile portion of their big day), Holliday Flowers & Events made sure that ll o ftheir rentals were on point, and our favorite makeup artists, Kasey Acuff made sure Kaylee looked even more beautiful than she already is.

It was a great evening all around, and we are so happy that Kaylee and Taylor allowed us to be a part of it! Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Oaks!

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