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Makenzie & Tyler Perkins | Spring Creek Ranch | July 2, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Makenzie & Tyler Perkins - Spring Creek Ranch

Thanks to Makenzie and Tyler for having us entertain them and their guests on their big day on July 2nd! Jonathan Simpson was their official DeepBlu DJ, and he said that it was a great night of fun fo everyone! You can't beat the atmosphere at Spring Creek Ranch, and with great photographers like Kelly and John Ginn, it just made for an even more special evening.

This wedding was just all-around amazing! They chose some really good music for their ceremony, which was all by the infamous Vitamin String Quartet, and aside from a few requests for their formalities, they pretty much gave Jon the freedom to do anything he wanted to. Jon said that the crowd was really in party mode, which made his job pretty darn easy.

Thanks to Toni and staff at Spring Creek for keeping everyone in line and for helping make it an awesome wedding day for Makenzie and Tyler! Also, Kasey Acuff needs to be shown some love for doing what she does (enhancing everyone's natural beauty). Every step of the way, it was a great experience for all of us here, and we would like to extend our love and gratitude to them for making us a part of their wedding celebration!

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