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Katelyn & Zach Womack | Cedar Hall | July 9, 2016

Katelyn & Zach Womack with Jimmy Harris - Cedar Hall

I wanted to start this blog post with something like, "OMG this couple was so cool!" - but I thought that would have been a bit much.....but the fact still remains that they deserve this type of beginning to this blog post dedicated to them and their wedding. Katelyn and Zach are two exceptionally nice and warm people who love to have fun and who love each other to pieces.

So many great things took place on their wedding day! First, they had an amazingly beautiful wedding ceremony in the Cedar Hall garden, complete with their large guest list of around 200 people, a nice number for Cedar Hall. Second, their minister, Kevin Clayton, is a really charming guy with one of those voices that could stand by itself without a microphone. However, WITH a microphone he is quite commanding. The way that he performs his ceremonies is touching, while remaining direct. He is one of those ministers that sound engineers love - big voice and total control over phrasing. And he's cool :)

Our reception took place in the stables of Cedar Hall, of course. With our good friends Micah and staff at Cedar Hall, every event is as close to flawless as you can get. To make matters even better, our buddy and consummate pro photog, Mr. Jon Sharman, is always a treat to work with. He is very good at his job, and he has been doing this long enough to know what YOUR job is as well. These two things combined make him a real pro and super easy to work with.

It should be pointless to mention that our dance floor was nice and full for most of the night, but I had to say it anyway. Mr. & Mrs. Womack had a nice list full of great dance favorites, and they gave me tons of room to work the crowd and make them as happy as they could be.

Lots of love to these two fine folks, and tons of fun was had by all - including me! Thanks to Katelyn and Zach for being so great, and I hope they have the best that life has to offer every single day.

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