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Laurie Ann & Dustin McArthur | Heartwood Hall | August 20, 2016

Jimmy with Laurie Ann & Dustin McArthur - Heartwood Hall

These two were a whole lot of fun! They thanked me at the end of their reception, but it really should have been me thanking THEM! They were so extremely nice to work with and the whole evening ran smoothly - much smoother than expected, and I expected it to be pretty darn smooth.

Our ceremony, of course, was beautiful and very touching. Reverend Grace Phelps was their minister and what a precious lady she is! She brightened my day with her amazing attitude and lovely smile, not to mention she knows how to hold a great wedding ceremony.

Our reception followed in the barn at Heartwood, and the staff there could not have done a better job. Everything was in place, perfect, and just as it should be for Laurie Ann and Dustin. Everything turned out wonderfully for them and that's exactly what they deserved!

Thanks so much to Laurie Ann and Dustin for allowing me to be a part of their wedding day, and I sincerely hope they enjoy all of the great things they will receive in their life together.

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