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Mr & Mrs Smith | Acre Restaurant | August 27, 2016

DJ Blake Brady with Mr & Mrs Smith - Acre Restaurant

Acre Restaurant has been a regular spot for us this year, and we couldn't be happier about it! Some of the most upbeat and exciting weddings we have done thus far have been at Acre, and this one was no exception!

Mr. & Mrs. Smith really enjoyed themselves at their wedding, and according to their DJ, Blake Brady, so did the rest of their guests! He said that their dance floor was very active most of the night, and with the help of our beloved Toni Williams, it all went down perfectly (not to mention Toni is a stickler for detail and perfection).

Even though it was a hot day, no one there seemed to be too overrun with the heat. Blake had his own heat to deal with, making their guests enjoy themselves on the dance floor. Overall, it was an excellent wedding day experience for these two, and we are so happy that they've allowed Blake and DeepBlu to be a part of it!

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