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Blair & George Connor | Annesdale Mansion | September 3, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Blair & George Connor - Annesdale Mansion

We took part in a beautiful wedding ceremony of Blair & George Connor which was held at Annesdale Mansion. It is very elegant and was the ideal place for these two to tie the knot. Blair and George can be best described as the ideal couple, made for each other.

They were enjoying each other throughout the ceremony and we couldn’t help but notice it. To make sure that everything was in order, I formed a special relationship with them before the wedding. Blair & George were united by Minister Ed Norton.

The ceremony was held on lawn of Annesdale, which stands in all its glory. The couple was introduced to their guests on the stairs of the mansion, and it was really an image to behold and cherish. With the photography done by Massey & Wining we doubted anything could go wrong. They are masters at what they do.

The reception was held at the back patio of Annesdale Mansion, and it was beautifully arranged by Millstone Market who took care of the flowers and Lynn Knox who did an amazing job with the wedding cake.

Blair looked amazing in her wedding gown which was sourced from Maggie Louise. You can see from the photograph yourself, she looks stunning. George looked dapper in his suit, of course, and these two really complemented each other in style and in substance.

Our string trio also performed during their wedding ceremony. The traditional wedding classics were enjoyed thoroughly by the entire guests who were present. The silence during their performance itself was a sign that our guests were all transported to a different world. Truly amazing indeed!

I consider myself lucky to have taken part in such a fantastic wedding event. Our team really enjoyed planning this big day with Blair and George as well as the event itself. Valerie Bledsoe was there to help hold everything together. She is a wonderful person and it comes as no surprise that the entire event was well organized.

The catering was taken care of by Just In Time who went classic. Some of the food items were so delicious that our members had huge second helpings, something unheard since guests otherwise normally consume limited quantities, but they couldn’t help themselves just this once.

Our team from DeepBlu, wish the happy couple all the very best in their married life and hope to have a beautiful relationship with them for many years to come!

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