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Sarah & Thomas Downen | Spring Creek Ranch | September 17, 2016

Jon Simpson with Sarah & Thomas Downen - Spring Creek Ranch

Have you ever come across a jovial and causal couple, who don’t have the slightest hint of nervousness on their big day? Well, let us introduce you to Sarah & Thomas Downen, a lovely couple for whom, we had the privilege of taking part and performing at their wedding ceremony and reception.

The month of September seems to be the season of love and it is not surprising to see many couples deciding to tie the knot during this period. With the beautiful climate and right atmosphere lurking around, it seems to be the ideal time to get wedded. Perhaps Sarah and Thomas decided it was the right time and boy were they right.

The wedding ceremony was held on the lawn of the Spring Creek Ranch which was beautifully arranged by Arrangements Unlimited, and Kipp Cakes had beautifully created a lovely cake for the occasion. The decorations and flower arrangements were really mind blowing.

Simple, but very elegant would be the best way to describe it. The area was perfectly sorted out by event rentals Mahaffey Tent & Event Rentals. Stevie Stout Productions along with Elizabeth Looney who took the photography, was in charge of the photo booth and had done the videography.

The ceremony kick started just in the right manner, and their reception was hosted by DJ Jonathan Simpson, who is just awesome at what he does. Sarah's makeup was artistically done by Jessica Cunningham with Daniel Shay's Salon Boutique & Spa. Sarah looked stunning in her wedding gown provided by All About Weddings.

We all couldn’t but help admire her beauty in her wedding gown. Thomas also looked sharp and crisp in his wedding suit. During their ceremony, Michael O'Brien & Donna Sloan did a piano/vocal performance which just added the spice to the wedding ceremony and was probably the moment everybody was waiting for.

The music sure did cast a magic spell on the guests, who all joined in singing and dancing along with the new married couple. A very power packed performance indeed.

Overall Mr & Mrs Downen's wedding was a fantastic affair and doing all the work along with them made us really enjoy the event. Kudos to Toni Williams who took care of the overall details and catering, as the food was mouth watering as it always is.

We look forward seeing what Sarah and Thomas' future holds! Best wishes to them both :)

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