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Britni & Josh Piyavunno | The Atrium at Overton Square | September 24, 2016

Jeff Cowens with Britni & Josh Piyavunno - The Atrium at Overton Square

There was no doubt that Britni and Josh Piyavunno make a great couple. They are young, happy and excited about living together for the rest of their lives. They are oh so ready to enjoy a fun-filled relationship. Their wedding ceremony and reception were hosted at The Atrium, Overton Square. Over the last few years, The Atrium has become one of the area's favorite wedding venues. It’s owners Kevin, Kristi and Corey are very considerate about the hall’s facilities and looks. May it be a simple wedding ceremony or a royal reception, the hall is capable of meeting all your needs. Above all, the Bushes make sure they are present in person to cater your every need!

The Couple

Britni and Josh were very smart in choosing their wedding vendors. The choose Leilani with Elsy Photography for the pictures, and the photographers didn’t have a tough time clicking. The couple were too cute and extremely photogenic for their own good. Britni wore an off-shoulder mermaid gown with plenty of lace, sequins and glittery beads. The dress suited her perfectly, and she picked and customized her wedding gown from Low’s Bridal. This is one of the area's biggest bridal shops with consultants who can give you their best. To complete her look, she did a messy hair-do with curls in the end. When it comes to jewelry, Britni picked a simple chain and earrings. She was able to carry her wedding look without any worries or hassles. Amber Reed was responsible for the Bride’s makeup. To her side was Josh, and he wore a black suit and matched up with Britni’s elegance in every angle.

A Special Game

Britni and Josh designed a special game for their big day. Through this game, guests were asked to determined which one of them received the cake to their face! It was really a fun filled moment for both the guests and the couple. Cake for the feast was ordered from Frost Bake Shop, and they did a stunning job in designing, preparing and delivering the cake.

A Family Affair

Planning and Coordination was taken care of by Britni’s mother Molly. She made sure the food, decorations and wedding schedule was organized properly. Britni and Josh chose Hot Shots Photo Booth for the photo booth, Holliday’s Flowers for the flowers, Lafayette’s Music Room for catering and Affordable Party Rentals for event rentals. Together, they made a perfect group of wedding pros! Their minister was Richard Panis, and he made sure the wedding ceremony happened smoothly and was very moving. There were no boring minutes or sleepy faces at Britni & Josh’s wedding. This can be attributed to Jeff Cowen’s amazing wedding music. Jeff gave the day a contemporary and a upbeat finish. Our bride and groom's special selections, along with Jeff's mad DJ skills, made the whole event pop! Jeff even had a few things to add himself:

"A very cool night that started with the bridesmaids telling me that just about all of them have used DeepBlu Entertainment! Before cake cutting the best man and matron of honor walked around the room collecting money - if matron collected more the groom got cake in his face. It was a dead tie, but when asked, the room clearly voted for Josh to get cake in his face! They both ended up with cake in the face!

Britni and Josh’s wedding was a beautiful event. It couldn’t have been better, as it was one of the best weddings anyone could host or attend!

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