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Victoria & Jonathon Hollis | Cedar Hall | September 10, 2016

Jimmy Harris with Victoria & Jonathon Hollis - Cedar Hall

A Different Wedding Experience – Victoria and Jonathon’s Big Day

What could be more charming and beautiful than sharing your intimate wedding moments with your dearest friends and relatatives in an opulent venue? This is one of the finest ways of hosting a wedding event. Victoria and Jonathon Hollis opted to host their wedding at Cedar Hall, with their ceremony in the garden and their reception in their infamous stables. The entire venue was decorated to match high levels of elegance and luxury, and it was accessorized to accommodate 180 guests with its impressive surroundings.

Let the Beat Get You Going!

The Hollises had a charming and a genuine smile on their face. It was completely impossible to stay dull or stressed at their wedding ceremony. That is because their smile was eternally beautiful. Jimmy Harris was the couple’s wedding DJ, and he played at the wedding ceremony and reception. Harris did a wonderful job in keeping everyone happy and relaxed with his music. As hours passed, the guests were about to cut loose. Jimmy had created a playlist to suit every moment and ambiance. There were amazing songs that passed through several generations. Guests enjoyed the classics and asked for little contemporary tunes.

Creating Memories

Madison Yen with Maddie Mooree had a great time clicking the couple, and Erin Herman was their videographer. For the ceremony, Victoria wore a beautiful off-shoulder gown with shimmering embellishments around the waist and was designed by Maggie Louise. She completed her look with light jewelry and a beautiful hairstyle. Everything about Victoria was pleasant and beautiful. On the other hand, Jonathon opted to wear a black tuxedo with a nice black bow. He complemented Victoria’s simple look in every way. The bride’s makeup was handled by Rumorz Salon. Experts from Rumorz Salon gave Victoria a poised and a charming look to complement her already natural beauty.

Everything About the Wedding

The stables were decorated by Lynn Doyle Flowers & Events. The layout was customized with a state-of-art lighting and flowers. To blend with the evening mood, everything inside the stable was subtle. The lights were dim and there were lovely flowers on every table.

There was nothing missing with this garden wedding. Guests were inspired by the couple’s cake choice created by Carolyn Chrestman. They also had a nice photo booth by Photo Booth Bling to give their guests something else to enjoy during their reception. Photo lovers from all generations loved to take snap at the photo booth.

Victoria and Jonathon had their reasons to pick Cedar Hall. One, it was a soothing environment for amazing weddings and parties. Two, the hall takes care of event planning, coordinating and catering. There is no need to hire a third party wedding planner! This removed a major burden from the couple’s shoulders and let them enjoy every minute to the fullest.

Thanks a ton to Victoria and Jonathon for letting us make their event extra special for them and everyone there :)

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