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Jennifer & Troy Mannino | Peabody Hotel | September 24, 2016

Jonathan Simpson with Jennifer & Troy Mannino - Peabody Hotel

The 24th of September was truly a special day for Jennifer & Troy Mannino. They met in the 6th grade and that’s when she fell madly in love with him. They both were introduced to each other by a mutual friend at their lockers. During their summers , they used to stay late up to the night having fun together, enjoying the little freedom that comes with a typical summer break. Finally, in the middle of a canoe trip Troy asked her to be his girlfriend. Initially she said “maybe”, but later after 3 years she said “yes”.

Their reception was planned with utmost perfection and was hosted in the Continental Ballroom of the Peabody Hotel. The planner of the wedding reception was well-informed and very together and knew how to maintain all their plans and was able to keep everything in control.

They enjoyed all of the great music that their DJ, Jonathan Simpson, could muster. Jonathan shared that this big event was a lot of fun for him, and he exuded a lot of enthusiasm just talking about how awesome everything was.

Rob and Deanna Lyons (Rob + Deanna Photography), well known for their fantastic conceptual and artistic photography, captured every moment, as they do so well. The flowers for the entire reception area were provided by Lynn Doyle. Kasey Acuff made sure that all of Jennifer's lovely features were enhanced perfectly, as she is known for.

Jen’s uncle Sal really did an amazing job by a singing Frank Sinatra for father-daughter dance and also for the last dance of bride and groom and the end of the event. The crowd was eagerly waiting to see the couple off. Jennifer's grandparents even enjoyed a special dance themselves, since they were celebrating 55 wonderful years of marriage, and they danced to their favorite song by Jim Reeves. Besides, there was another touching dance by Jennifer’s grandmother Helen and son Steve.

Thanks again to Jennifer and Troy for letting us be a part of this incredible day in their lives! We wish you all the best!

(check out these great images from the wedding provided by Rob+Deanna Photography!)

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