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Morgan & Cagri Sapmaz | The Cadre Building | September 24, 2016

Morgan & Cagri Sapmaz with Justin Jaggers - The Cadre Building

That moment when we knew that we would have the opportunity to be there for Morgan and Cagri's wedding, we knew it would be special. The sense of style and classiness of Morgan is in abundance. This couple had a great sense of humor in order to keep everyone delighted and entertained all through the night. Morgan is capable of lighting a room with her optimistic outlook on life. The main focus was to have a pleasant and smooth wedding event and it was exactly as we had planned it.

Each and every minute detail regarding Morgan and Cagri's wedding was really big and lavishing. The wedding ceremony and reception were hosted by the Cadre building in Downtown Memphis, TN . The location is is as big as its name. The Cadre has high level ballrooms as well as ceilings which are 3 stories high, and it is highly opulent. The event looked like a royal wedding in every way, and its stunning layout portrays a rich environment along with its timeless interiors which would be ideal for any wedding - especially theirs. To top everything off, Justin Jaggers took control of the night with music spanning every genre and taste.

Flower arrangements were handled by L and Jay productions and catering was taken care of by A Moveable Feast. The entire event was photographed by Patrick Remington photography. With the Cadre buildingbeing a mesmerizing backdrop for weddings, it is a treat to photograph for just about any photographer. The entire wedding reception was a lavish and beautiful event.

This wedding was one among the many diverse weddings that we have been a part of, and it included Turkish and Christian traditions. The blend of these two cultures was diverse as well as refreshing. Morgan and Cagri deserved nothing less than the best!

Thanks to the Sapmaz's for letting us make their wedding day even more amazing! We look forward to watching you both grow and relish in happiness!

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