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DJ Highlights from Katie & Alec Swafford's Wedding at Acre Restaurant | Memphis, TN | Octobe

Katie & Alec with DJ Jonathan Simpson

A Glimpse Into Katie & Alec Swafford's Special Day

October 1st was a most memorable day for Katie and Alec Swafford. It was their reception day! Both were looking amazing together, and they brought that swagger to their wedding. Katie has style and classiness in abundance, and as a couple, they were too cute and extremely photogenic. Both of them have a great sense of humor that kept the positive vibes flowing during the whole event. Her makeup was done by Kasey Acuff, which gave Katie a poised and a charming look and brought her inner beauty to the forefront. Photographers Kelly and John Ginn poured every ounce of energy they had into this wedding, just like they do every single time they get to snappin'.

The Big Event

Every arrangement that was made for this reception was beyond great. The event was hosted at the beautiful back patio area of Acre Restaurant in East Memphis. The location is very luxurious, and it seemed like a royal affair. Acre Restaurant's back patio is an excellent choice for any event, and especially this one. Katie was potentially one among the most complementing brides we have ever worked with, always being so gracious with every little detail.

The Memories

The flower arrangements were done by Everbloom Design, and they were indeed alluring. Everything about the evening was delightful. Katie and Alec are a "made for each other couple". In order to enhance this string connection that these two have, you really need to be as creative as possible with the details. Krisy Parker Thomas with Southern Sparkle Events knew just how to make this happen. She is always a treat to work with, and this event was no exception. No matter what, everything was well-connected.

DJ Jonathan Simpson had nothing but wonderful things to say when we had our post-wedding wrap up, and from the tone of his voice, it was clear that he enjoyed himself as much as any other guest did.

We want to thank Katie and Alec for being so great to work with, and we wish them godspeed in every step of their new life together as husband and wife!

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