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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Kelly & David Owens | Memphis Pink Palace Mansion | October 22, 20

Kelly & David Owens with Jared Stanfield - Pink Palace Mansion

Kelly and David are two really bright people with bright personalities. They didn't want anything to be "standard" with their wedding day - it had to be different. Different it was - all in every good way possible.

Their chosen venue was the historic Pink Palace Museum Mansion, and they held their ceremony in front of the notorious pink building. All of the notoriety aside, their ceremony was simply beautiful! DJ Jared Stanfield took care of making sure that their ceremony sound and music was handled with care, as well as their reception.

At the beginning of the reception, after their guests enjoyed a brief cocktail hour, Jared announced each member of their bridal party with a special scripted intro for each individual member. This was a script that was written by Kelly and David, and their guests really had a snapshot into each member, complete with their own nicknames and a quick blurb about who they were on the fun side of things. Jared mentioned that it was as entertaining as we thought it would be!

Helping Jared complete the evening with style were our friends Lee Sanders (cake), A Moveable Feast (catering), David's Bridal and Shemenya Davis of the Pink Palace. A special night from beginning to end, and we love the fact that they chose us to help make it an exceptional event for them!

We thank Kelly and David Owens for allowing us to be a part of their special day!

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