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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Shelby & Adam Hartman | October 8, 2016

Shelby & Adam with Jared Stanfield

What can you say about Shelby Hartman? Well, first she is a good friend of our family here at DeepBlu. We have enjoyed years of working with her at several wedding events, so this particular wedding wasn't too much of a stretch for us.

First, she and Adam are two people that are simply perfect for each other, so their wedding was destined to be a great day no matter what. Second, everything about our role with their wedding day was a perfect set-up: great fellow wedding vendors, nice weather and the perfect spot to get married and for Shelby, a dream come true. Shelby got married in the same place where her first visions of her perfect wedding day started. When I say it was a dream come true, that's literally what I mean.

Photographer wondermous, Mr. Jon Sharman, did his best to make sure Shelby's discerning taste was catered to perfectly. Kasey Acuff took care of her styling to make sure that all of Jon's images of our bride were the best they could be. Matthew and his crew at Lynn Productions were there to film the day. Heart & Sould Catering provided the more than excellent cuisine. White Door Events was there to see that that the scenery was just to the couple's liking. Kristin Wolter-Canfield provided all of the amazing flowers to set the mood just right. Hot Shots Photo Booth gave their guests something else fun to do (other than dance), and THAT part was taken care of by our beloved DJ extroadinaire, Jared Stanfield. Finally, Ashley Oldham with 117 Events took care of making everything and everyone was in place - she ran the show and we just followed along.

If there ever was a perfect day to behold, this was it! We want to thank Shelby and Adam for letting us be in the mix, and it will stay with us forever. Best wishes to the Hartmans!

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