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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Taylor & Frank Pursell | Cedar Hall | October 29, 2016

Taylor & Frank Pursell with Jimmy Harris - Cedar Hall

One venue that we keep coming back to time and time again is Cedar Hall, and it was the choice for Taylor and Frank Pursell for their wedding day. The reason? Its lush, country charm and great food and to-the-point management. It was an excellent choice for the Pursells just as it is for many other couples every year.

DeepBlu's Jimmy Harris was their DJ for the evening, and Jimmy was joined by our friends Bethany Veach (photography), Pugh's Flowers, Cakes by Mom & Me, LLC, Daniel Shay's Salon and Carol Johnson of Cedar Hall providing her talents as their day-of wedding coordinator.

We knew that this day would be perfect, because it all started with a couple that was about as nice as they could possibly be. Taylor simply glows with enthusiasm! She brought all of that energy to her wedding day while holding on to Frank like he was the only person in the world. It really could not have been a better experience for everyone that was there.

It is couples like this that truly make this job extra enjoyable! We want to thank the Pursells for letting us take part in this great day in their lives!

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