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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Caroline & Jeremy Havens | The Crescent Club | November 12, 2017

Caroline & Jeremy Havens with DJ Randel Locke

Caroline and Jeremy started off their big wedding day with a lovely ceremony at Hope Church in Cordova. With about 175 people in attendance, they were expecting a lot of close friends and family being there, bringing their smiling faces and lots of energy to their event.

After their ceremony was finished, all of their guests drove to the Crescent Club and the reception began! Everything went very well, and their DJ, Randel Locke, said that it was a lot of fun for him as well. He said that their crowd was responsive and even requested a handful of great songs - ones that would have been played anyway, so it looked like the crowd was really in-tune with what was happening. This is always a treat for any DJ!

Thanks to Mr & Mrs Havens for this grand day and for letting us be a part of it! Have a great life together, Caroline and Jeremy!

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