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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Colleen & Dalton McNeil | Heartwood Hall | November 5, 2016

Colleen and Dalton McNeil with Jimmy Harris - Heartwood Hall

Heartwood Hall has been a favorite of many of our clients, especially the ones who favor the rustic, country flair that they get with this venue. A style that has been tried many times by many people, yet it is difficult to really make it work well. Heartwood Hall has done it and does it so very well. That is exactly what Colleen and Dalton McNeil were striving for, and they definitely got it!

We will get to our lovely bride in a second, but for now, let's talk about our groom, Dalton. Dalton is a very kind soul that loves his bride so much, you can almost see it radiating from his eyes. His demeanor during their ceremony was very touching and it could be felt by every single person there. Colleen just balances Dalton out with her sweetness, which is also something that is easily seen with the naked eye. These two together just makes you want to smile - they are THAT great together.

The reception in the barn was laid out so very well, a testament to the hard work of these fine folks at Heartwood Hall. Of course, we had a packed dance floor, but that wasn't the highlight of the evening for me. What really stood out was the heartfelt testament Dalton gave for his beloved mom. We all know that she is most certainly happy and proud of her son, and he loves her so much. He made it abundantly clear with his wonderful words.

DJ Jimmy Harris took every musical generation and gave their guests his interpretation of what these songs meant to him, along with a great set list provided by the bride and groom. A win-win all around!

To make everything that much better, Jenn and Ben of Snap Happy Photography was there to capture all of their moments (a lot of them!), Pugh's Florist made sure their flowers were perfect, Frost Bake Shop provided their cake and of course the catering was done by none other than our friends at Heartwood Hall. Heartwood's Kelly Inman made everything come together perfectly under her planning direction. Phancy Photo Booth gave our guests something else fun to do when they weren't dancing.

Colleen and Dalton, thank you for letting us be there on this special day!

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