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The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Brianna & Zack Whitmore | Heartwood Hall | November 19, 2016

Brianna & Zack Whitmore with DJ Jeff Cowens - Heartwood Hall

Brianna and Zack wanteed their wedding day to be wonderful, but that should come as no surprise. However, it REALLY was an extra special event due to the fact that they had a nice sized crowd and a very energetic one at that. Their DJ, Jeff Cowens, said that it was an exceptionally special wedding event for him. He had this to say about the evening:

"From their bumping intro to their sparkling exit Brianna and Zack exuded happiness. Their guests got down to KC and the Sunshine Band and stayed on the beat with 'JuJu On That Beat'.

She was serenaded by her sorority sisters and the groomsmen had a great dance rendition of YMCA!"

Among the fine folks that contributed to the success of this wonderful wedding day were Lizz Hoard (photography) and Amanda Greer (wedding coordinator at Heartwood). Jeff, working with these two amazing ladies, had it made! With a high-energy dance floor following a beautiful ceremony, it was truly just as great as everyone in attendance said it was.

Thanks to Brianna and Zack for letting us take part in their wedding celebration! We will see what your days ahead hold for you and look forward to some more great moments to come!

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