The Memphis Wedding DJ Times: Katelynn & Jordan Bernardini | Heartwood Hall | March 10, 2017

It all started with a simple Facebook post: we ran a contest offering a free wedding reception DJ, and Jordan was one of the first to enter to win. After the weeks passed and more and more people entered the contest, we had our drawing - completely at random and Jordan WON! Little did I know what I was in for....

First, Jordan and Kate had no intention to even hire a DJ for their reception. It was intended to be a low-key affair with great food and close friends and family members and that was about it. Truthfully, it would have been enough. With the joy and energy that this crowd had, that alone could have carried the entire event from beginning to end!

Guests arrived at the Balinese Ballroom after their ceremony, which was held at a separate location. The event was upstairs, and we had every square inch of the place jumping with excitement. Little did I know that Kate was the sister of Savannah Kenney, one of our fellow wedding pros and a personal friend of mine. This just made the whole experience even more special for me!

It turned out that this was the perfect crowd to entertain. They were filled with happiness, they were energetic AND they were ready to party! It was just so great that Jordan won this contest because this reception was just calling for music - and it got what it called for!

Thanks also need to go out to Madison Yen (photography) for being there to help things run even smoother. We just had a wonderful time, and I was so happy to be there for this reception. It was simply perfect, and I could not have asked for a better crowd!

Thanks, Kate and Jordan! We will be watching what your future holds. I'm certain that it will all be just what you've dreamed of!

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